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Powerful Check Cashing Software

TeraCash offers robust check cashing software that caters to small and medium-sized businesses, including check cashers, grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, mobile check cashing companies and more. Our software is designed to handle high volumes of transactions efficiently, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers. With TeraCash, businesses can process checks quickly and accurately, reducing wait times and improving customer service.

TeraCash, built by us AND by our customers

TeraCash works for you, not the other way around

The TeraCash platform has great features and benefits designed to help your business grow. TeraCash listens to their customers and integrates their requests on a regular basis. TeraCash is not only built by us, but also by our customers.

Payday Loan and Title Loan Management

More than just check cashing...

In addition to check cashing, TeraCash includes features for managing payday and title loans. ur software simplifies the loan application and approval process, making it easy for businesses to offer these services. By providing a streamlined, user-friendly interface, TeraCash helps businesses increase their revenue and expand their service offerings.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Support

TeraCash’s integrated POS support allows businesses to manage sales transactions seamlessly. Our POS system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, reducing training time and increasing efficiency. With features like inventory management and sales reporting, TeraCash helps businesses stay organized and make informed decisions.

Advanced Verification with CheckGuard

Check Verification - Verify checks before you accept them

CheckGuard, our advanced check verification service, integrates with TeraCash to provide an added layer of security. By verifying checks in real-time, CheckGuard reduces the risk of fraud and ensures that businesses can accept checks with confidence. This integration enhances the reliability and functionality of TeraCash, making it an indispensable tool for any business involved in check cashing.

use teracash to cash all of your

»Payroll Checks

»Money Orders

»Company Checks

»Tax Return Checks

»Personal and Third-Party Checks 

»Government Checks

TeraCash AVX has and does all of the following and more!

  • Easy Navigation for Rapid Transaction Creation
  • Multi-Lingual (English, Spanish)
  • Customer Tracking
  • History Logging
  • Search by Customer/Bank/Company
  • Automated Backup
  • MICR Check scanning and MAG stripe reading
  • Per-user security with individual user drawer support
  • Custom fees for multiple transaction types (Regular, Government, etc.) using either fees or percentages
  • Advanced algorithm to determine fraudulent check probability
  • Full screen and free-style data entry modes
  • Quicken© and QuickBooks© Integration
  • Image Storage of Returned Checks
  • Multiple Company Check Prevention
  • Native Biometrics Integration
  • Mini and Micro Point-Of-Sale Module
  • Payday Loan Module
  • Automatic AND manual bad check entry
  • 3" Receipt Printing / 8.5 x 11 Reporting
  • External Image Scanning
  • Corporate Check Cashing Support
  • CheckGuard Service ready (optional)
  • Network Capable (optional)
  • Picture Recognition Module (optional)
  • Biometric Fingerprint Recognition
  • Check 21 and EFT Integration
  • CTR, SAR and IRS Reports
  • OFAC / SDN (Terrorist) Watchlist Included
  • Fuly integrated help file
  • Includes ABA bank data
  • Fingerprint Login to TeraCash
  • On-Screen Tips of The Day
  • Multi-Purpose Deposit Slip Printing
  • Charts and Graphs to Measure Business Performance
  • Support for MagTek ImageSafe Check Scanner


See what some of our excited customers think about TeraCash!

Action Cash, Inc
We could not be more pleased with Tera Cash. It not only helps us with compliance issues but is easy to train personal on. The service has been over the top. When our computers went down Tera Cash work with us to retrive our data base at no additional cost. What can we say, we love Tera Cash!

G&S Ck Cashing & Financial Services Inc.
After a couple of months of using TeraCash AVX... we are very satisfied with the check cashing software. All our transactions are a breeze, reporting is great, and keeps all our records up to date/organized. The best of it all... we get to keep and store all of our clients' private/sensitive information unlike other programs in the market that also store your clients' info on their end. We recommend TeraCash AVX to all check cashing businesses. Worth every penny. Thanks TeraCash!

Honey’s Check Cashing
Before I purchased TeraCash, I looked at other software which cost a lot more and required more training to operate. With TeraCash you teach yourself. It’s that simple to install and operate!

Three Rodriguez Food Corp
TeraCash has provided my business with a robust and easy to use software to manage and handle all of our check cashing needs. I have been using TeraCash since 2006 and it has been a very reliable and efficient software. New features are being added to make it better and user friendly on a regular basis. I would recommend TeraCash to anyone dealing in the check cashing industry.


In addition to check cashing, TeraCash includes features for managing payday and title loans. ur software simplifies the loan application and approval process, making it easy for businesses to offer these services. By providing a streamlined, user-friendly interface, TeraCash helps businesses increase their revenue and expand their service offerings.

Nationwide Reach

While TeraCorp Enterprises, Inc. is based in Orlando, Florida, our services are available nationwide. We understand the diverse needs of businesses across the country and have designed TeraCash to be flexible and adaptable. No matter where your business is located, TeraCash can help you improve your operations and grow your customer base.

TeraCorp Commitment to Excellence

At TeraCorp Enterprises, Inc., we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable software solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Our mission is to empower businesses with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive market. By offering innovative, user-friendly software, we help our clients improve their efficiency, increase their revenue and provide better service to their customers.

The Best Independent Network in The Country

TeraCash by TeraCorp Enterprises, Inc. is more than just a software solution, it's a partner in your business’s success. With our comprehensive check cashing software, loan management features, POS support, and advanced check verification, TeraCash provides everything you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently. Experience the difference that TeraCash can make. Contact us today!

Why wait? Contact us today!

Ready to take your check cashing and loan management services to the next level? Purchase your copy of TeraCash today to start streamlining your business processes and increasing revenue today. Visit our online store at and select the package that’s right for you, or, call us today at 1–800-628-9471 to speak with a knowledgeable sales representative that can help you select the best package to suit your needs and budget. Join the growing number of businesses that trust TeraCash for their financial software needs.


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